DoorButler® Premier Plus™ Closer

    "The Most Durable Closer Ever Made."


"PremierPlus™ combines all the elements of the Premier™ door closer... however also includes our patented clip plate and jamb bracket (CP-01) .

CP01 is made of tempered steel for durability and lifelong performance.  There are two stacked plates which create a super strong attachment onto the jamb.  Under normal usage the plates will never strip from atop the doorjamb!  This is one very tuff component.

  • Permits jamb bracket to be installed onto a doorjamb having previous “screw-damaged” or stripped wood

  • Provides a stronger attachment for the closer, especially for heavier ornamental steel security storm doors

  • Allows the jamb bracket to be quickly removed to widen the doorway for moving furniture and appliances

PremierPlus™ pricing for EBay is only $14.99 ea.*

PremierPlus™ is available in 4 colors: (Almond, Black, Silver, White); two sizes:

PP12 is for light to medium doors such as aluminum, wood core, etc...
PP15 is for heavy doors such as full glass, wrought iron, etc...

NOTE: The only difference between the two sizes is that the PP15 has much greater spring tension for closing a heavier door. Otherwise, these devices are both built as "heavy-duty" designed to last for years and years. We do not recommend using a PP15 on a lighter door as it will require a bit more effort to push the door opened, and therefore might not be desirable.

PP12-A (Medium Almond)
PP12-B (Medium Black)
PP12-S (Medium Silver)
PP12-W (Medium White)

PP15-A (Heavy Almond)
PP15-B (Heavy Black)
PP15-S (Heavy Silver)
PP15-W (Heavy White)

Available Colors

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PremierPlus™ pricing as low as $14.99 ea.*

*For wholesale or multiple units please email.

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