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"THE Superior Door Closer." says National Radio Talk Show Host Tom Martino "The Troubleshooter" (27-SEP-2005)


"The REDThing™" Door Closer Repair Kit- Don't replace your door closer, AGAIN... repair it in minutes.  Order from $2.00

Premier Magnetic Door Closer- For storm & screen doors.  Provides both Basic and FeatherTouch™ hold options. 10 minute installOrder from $6.99

Premier Plus Magnetic Door Closer- The most durable closer ever made! For storm & screen doors.  Includes heavy-duty jamb clip plate.  15 minute installOrder from $12.99

Xtend Magnetic Door Closer- For entry doors and widest storm & screen door access up to 110 degrees (useful for mobility device access);  20 minute installOrder from $24.99

Misc. Storm Door Hardware- Jamb bracket clip plate; 3DJB replacement security door hinges; safety chains; weather strip;  glass/screen panel clips; door bracket spacer; push bar;  etc...

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